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Collaboration with Shahar Hatchwell

Interactive Design, HIT 2021

Console design


RE-TEXTURED festival combines experimental electronic music, modernist and industrial architecture and innovative lighting installations. Due to Covid-19 the festival could not take place in their physical form and had to be reimagined in a new digital form.

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We created a live streaming platform for the festival's Dj's. The platform will help the artist prepare for their live set, interact better with their audience and monitor audience feedback.

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In order to make the artist experience simple
and easy to operate we broke down all the data and elements into digestible widgets, and while the platform is fully customizable it includes three defultareas: Profile, Pre-Show and Live.

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pdtm stripsArtboard 1.jpg

Audience feedback

The main challenge for a dj while live streaming is not being able to feel their audience the way they would in a club. We designed a live feedback widgets that show live statistic widget that is
easy to read and help the artist keep up with the audience without drawing much attention.

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